Crown The Empire

Nov 4

Monster Mosh

So before I get started I’d like to point out one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in my academic life. Right now I’m sitting In class with Brandon and shockingly enough…he’s doing his school work! I’m astounded and couldn’t let this rare sight go undocumented.

Anyways haha the point of this post is to discuss what happened at monster mosh, and I’d have to say it was a very interesting experience. It all started when we got there, and if I remember correctly we sat in our car for about 3 hours waiting to unload. To top it off we’re terrible at backing up our trailers so it took us forever! When we finally conquered the trailer process and got our gear unloaded we we’re able to relax and get everything ready for the show. Most of us were backstage whilst the rest of us walked around and talked to the people that came out to see us! We double and triple checked all of our gear to make sure it was in working order, and finally it was time to start the show… and to all of you who attended the show, this is my least favorite part of the night.

Right when we started we had technical problems in every aspect of our gear. We had to stop playing to fix it. We were very mad and honestly our reactions were a little over dramatic, I wanted to take the time to defend those actions. This show was our dream. To play with some of these bands is what we have been waiting for since we picked up a guitar, or a pair of drum sticks, and to top it off we had sold over 150 tickets just for people coming to see us. We were devastated and our actions reflected that. But nonetheless our actions were childish so we want to apologize and urge anyone who had a first impression of us made that night to realize our circumstances and please come out and see us again, and witness what we’re really all about.

To the fans that came out, we love you more than you know, and we promise you new music and shows very soon. And to all of those who are just learning of Crown The Empire, we ask you to get to know us, because we are just as eager to get to know you.

-Crown The Empire